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View Diary: Obama campaign to Romney: Release just five years of returns (updated 2X) (315 comments)

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    if it is bad in terms of perception, press coverage, public opinion to not release the returns,   than whatever is in the returns must be worse in perception, press coverage and public opinion for a rational person to decide not to release the returns.

    It is such an obvious way of thinking, it is in line with the  way people perceive things to operate in the world, that it is unlikely to go away.  Truly negative things have been speculated upon,  felony tax evasion, needing the amnesty for foreign accounts, not paying anything or virtually nothing in federal income tax, revealing more tax haven accounts, dodges, etc. than the 2010 return shows, etc.  If Mitt prefers to endure that negative news coverage, what really must be in those returns that is worse.   Blood in the water to a bunch of sharks.  Kind of like Gary Hart challenging the press to 'prove it'.  

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