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  •  Why They Chose Ryan (0+ / 0-)

    while it is still too early to say anything definitive about the choice, you can't help wonder whether his advisors sat in a room and felt they had to address Romney's weakness on Medicare.  I know they are saying this was all Romney's choice.  They have to say that.  To admit he was listening to his advisors is an acknowledgement that he is a bad leader who made a bad decision as a result of being too dependent on the opinion of others.  I think the decision was made that the election is going to be decided on who has the most enthusiastic voters on their side.  They saw that for their base 'Obamacare' is their most important issue - more than the deficit.  

    Maybe his inner circle have decided that there really is no undecided vote up for grabs or at least that it is more important to get the base pumped up.  I really suspect that.  I think the Ryan choice is simply an admission that the extra money advantage the Republicans have is going to keep the vote close.  Then the decision to pick Ryan is about keeping the base enthused enough to go out and vote in November.  The assumption supposes I think that their only advantage is voter enthusiasm.  

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