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View Diary: I was denied free voter ID today: Pennsylvania (402 comments)

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  •  trying for voter ID - ready to pay to drive (2+ / 0-)
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    I think you should re-read the story. I was ready to pay to drive, and THEN when that didn't work out, I was refused a FREE VOTER ID (not a free driver's license).

    And I gave the name of the person and what the person did. He could very well give an interview and say he was required to say such a thing (or that he wasn't required to say such a thing). However, now reporters and citizens can figure out who to ask and who did what, in order to track down what exactly is going wrong. Do you really think that some DMV supervisor should be able to anonymously deny me free voter ID required by federal law? The reason they wear the name tags is because then they can be held accountable for behavior. I am truly curious if this is a PA-wide or Pittsburgh-wide DMV policy, or a that-supervisor or that-DMV-office policy. Now, people can find out.

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