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View Diary: I was denied free voter ID today: Pennsylvania (402 comments)

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  •  but what if the diarist was wrong, and it matters? (1+ / 0-)
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    The first sentence of the diary says that the Pittsburgh DMV refused to give free voter ID, contrary to federal law. Is that true? Are you saying that it actually doesn't matter whether it's true, because the only point worth making is that voter ID really stinks? Don't you think the facts are material in determining how to respond?

    I haven't read all 289 comments in this diary so far, but I haven't seen anyone harass the diarist.

    The whole point of the diary, I would have thought, was to consider the details of what happened to the diarist, and what we can learn from them. Relatively few prospective voters are going to be in the situation the diarist was in (out-of-state driver's licenses); the ones who are need to be prepared. And the rest need to be prepared for their own situations. If all we're allowed to say is that DMV is unhelpful, why don't we just sit this one out?

    •  I repeat my bottom line: "register to vote" = sham (0+ / 0-)

      The whole requirement that citizens actively take some steps in order to get into the voter rolls, has been put in place to begin with in order to restrict the voting population and make voting less universal.

      The details of the diary's correctness/incorrectness, in fact, don't matter. Because all the voter ID laws intend to do is add a third mental and practical hurdle between citizens and voting - besides the need to actively register, and the need to go out and vote.

      The more hurdles, the less voters - and disproportionately so for the poor, the less-educated, the immigrants, the old, the disabled, the ill, etc. etc.

      What progressives should start lobbying for, is automatic voter registration. Reduce the hurdles to a single one - getting out to vote.

      For example, you grow up in a state, and you are in the senior year of one of its high schools? You get registered automatically.
      You go into college in a different state? You get de-registered from your high school state, and registered into your host state (want to change that and vote in your own state? Then you do need to do it actively).
      You move into a state and gain a local driver's license? You are automatically registered to vote there, and de-registered from your old state. And so forth.

      It is quite ridiculous that the government - and large businesses - can nowadays acquire and control so much intimate information about our lives, but won't lift a finger to use this information to put us into the voting registry.

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