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View Diary: An ARRA Implementation Error Exposed (13 comments)

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  •  baseless accusations #... (0+ / 0-)

    How exactly is this spam?
    What am I selling?
    What is my commercial interest?
    Helping millions of unemployed and exposing government errors/cover-up gets me what exactly?

    I could be working on my own legal action...but I did manage to get my ARRA funds back and have kept them so far. Instead of trying to make a buck for myself, I have chosen to help the many unemployed who have contacted me and begged for help. I have those emails too if you want to ignore them and call them spam. I am sure the unemployed would appreciate your invaluable input since you seem to know so much about the subject.

    You know the unemployed are not hoarding those funds. That money goes directly back into the economy. You don't want that, if this error is exposed and causes a massive re-recovery surge of funds (lump sum back-payments no less)?

    Is asking the government to explain a serious implementation contradiction/error affecting $97,433,246,688 in ARRA funds not on "your agenda"? Do we not do that anymore in this country? You do know that neither regular unemployment nor the original state extended benefits work this way ("multiple EUC claims")?

    Would anyone prefer one of the many opposite party members from the Department of Labor to have given this information to the GOP, resulting in an "October Surprise" of epic proportions? This is why I am trying to shake the Obama Administration awake, or sway them from any course that would cause them to lose the election. I see the Department of Labor as the bad guy here. I hope the White House has minimal involvement.

    Those seeking election and re-election are talking a great deal about the unemployment rate, the recovery and the stimulus. EUC08 is right in the middle of all of those.

    You and Second Gen, are just looking like the loon-bat you are trying to make me out your homework (your comments so far anyway).

    Refute me.
    Otherwise spam on for all to watch.

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