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  •  I think this is articulated quite well (1+ / 0-)
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    and I buy it.  Amazing Atwater quote.  But what does surprise me is that the strength of this movement remains strong in the face of so much destruction.  Southern States fair poorly in wealth generation, lifetime happiness, lifespan, and dozens of other measures.  Indeed the very principles of enlightened self interest would suggest some lessening impact of policy positions that have devastated so much in the south.  In some ways it is noticing a hole in the boat and taking out your gun to make a few more rather than bailing. Most social development models would suggest some reduction of support from these principles.  But maybe that is what you are getting at.  Given power structures may not reflect this.

    Your point at Ayn Rand is particularly well taken.  I suppose I use her as the lightning rod because of Ryan.  However, the treatment of causalities and impacts within her novels are so shallow that it does suggest she didnt understand them (as opposed to ignored them).  

    Thank you for the response.

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