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View Diary: Fox News disabled their online comments section in May. Why? (23 comments)

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  •  I got a slight sense of that today. I (1+ / 0-)
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    Calvino Partigiani

    commented a few times to a rampant commenter, just laughing and insisting that what I was saying was basic factual commen knowledge. Just the way the commenter came back with the blanket remarks...

    My comment:
    "Actually it’s just really, really fun stating basic, common knowledge facts about the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and the Ryan Plan and watching you guys stick your fingers in your ears and ignore them.

    This comment:
    "A typical Democrat Character Assassination smear. I think that is what I detest even more than their dysfunctional / tollitarian economic ideas, is their nasty smearing of opponents . That Saul Alinsky touch is pure evil. The Trolls are coming out of the woodwork…"

    Said the same thing about 3 times. ANY basic rebuttal comment is met with a very typical "you're a troll" response. It's the last resort as well as first line of defense.

    But, they really are this twisted up in knots and totally manipulated. There's no talking to them whatsoever. And yes they do simply repeat what each other is saying one right after the other for 14 pages worth of "typical lefty!". It's hilarious.

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