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  •  I think part of the problem is Repugs have not (0+ / 0-)

    defined exactly what a voucher is and how it would work.  We need to define voucher for them with real stories about raising cost by the medical/pharmacy complex.  

    Here's my story.  It doesn't involve human cost but a comparison came about through a Vet. Presciption. The Vet's cost was going to be $45. We were ready to write the check when Vet discovered his supply was insufficient to fill presciption. He told us any pharmacy should carry the same med (for upset tummy) so we were off to our regular human pharmacy. This is the place that usually fiill our Medicare prescriptions and carries the information re: our pre-paid srcipts through hubby medical savining account through his job. The cost they asked for Puff the Magic Dragon Jr's prescription was to be $165. They assumed Medicare or Pre-Paid savings was footing the bill. You would think they might have figured by the name of the patient (Puff TMD jr.) that this wasn't a human child, and that we expected to pay the bill ourselves. Final story is we were able to fill the prescription at the Grocery Store Pharmacy for $35.  

    Ok, if this were a voucher senario (for a human) which allowed say $25 toward payment with a $10 co-pay, it's obvious to see which pharmacy is ripping off the customer.  Republicans gripe and complain about REGULATIONS, but without some kind of price control the $165 cost would soon become the norm for every preseciption of this med.

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