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  •  Job Creators are the new gods, (3+ / 0-)
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    kurious, theKgirls, Calamity Jean

    the fragile elites who will collapse in a heartbeat were the rest of us to beg them for a penny more of tax money. It is WE who will bear the burden of killing off their JOB CREATING wealth and sending them into economic seclusion were they to, what, pay their fair share.

    But no, the JOB CREATORS are a special breed of human being, who, in the spiritual hierarchy, are somewhere between God and the rest of us-- those exalted beings whom God has blessed to keep the rest of us fed with the meager crumbs of their droppings. Instead of pushing and prodding them to pay their fair share, we should be bowing before them thanking them for our next meal, or next trip to the emergency room.

    Thank you, O JOB CREATORS, for being GOD'S Special Helpers. You deserve every million you take out of our Treasury, out of our debt balance. We would not have out minimum wage jobs if you didn't give us the gift of your charity.

    •  But-since they've had tax breaks since 2000-why... (3+ / 0-)
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      theKgirls, NWTerriD, Calamity Jean

      haven't they created jobs?  Oh, wait.  

      They did create jobs, in China, and Vietnam--communist countries, whose economies the "job creators" are now supporting with their "job creation"--but shhh, we can only talk about that in quiet rooms...--and other non-US locations...

      But, why quibble, jobs are jobs, right?  If we give them more tax breaks, they'll create more jobs (wink, wink).  

      BTW, you little people don't need to know where, or what kind of part-time, no benefit, low wage jobs they'll be creating to replace all the living-wage-with-benefits jobs the "job creators" have outsourced.

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