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View Diary: Todd Akin: 'Legitimate' rape victims don't get pregnant (324 comments)

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  •  these would be the "doctors" (1+ / 0-)
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    who received their training and degree from the "Baby Doc School of Medicine", in beautiful, downtown port-au-prince. or, from one of those back-of-the-matchbook-cover schools we've all heard about. sorry, no actual MD would ever opine such a thing. i'd like the names of these "doctors", so i can be sure never to be treated by any of them.

    yeah, i know, he'll now come back and say he was "mis-quoted", or "misunderstood", or the statement was "taken out of context", they always do. they don't even have the depth of their convictions to stand up for the egregiously stupid comments they make, and believe, when they get publicly lambasted for them.

    an entire political party, with the spinal column of a jellyfish.

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