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View Diary: Sunday Train: Southern Comfort ~ Upgrading Amtrak's New York Sleepers (63 comments)

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  •  Hook up Crescent & Sunset (0+ / 0-)

    Pre-Amtrak there was a "Crescent" train which was thru service from LA to Washington DC.   The "Southerner" ran the route (and nearly same schedule) as today's "Crescent".  A possible improvement might be to combine the Sunset Limited and the Crescent so that there would be at least one transcontinental route with same car service.  This would necessitate changing schedule of Sunset Limited.  (Now everyone must change trains in Chicago or New Orleans even though some of the equipment is going coast-to-coast.)  The fly in ointment is the terrible on-time record of the "Sunset" due in large part to heavy traffic west of El Paso.  If this could be cured  a southern route coast to coast might be attractive.

    •  The Plan for the Sunset is to ... (1+ / 0-)
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      Judge Moonbox

      ... take over the San Antonio / LA portion by the Texas Eagle, and run a daily corridor train New Orleans to San Antonio, which connects with the new Chicago / LA via San Antonio service with better times at major cities served and many hours saved in reduced layovers.

      Remember that 40% of current Crescent trips begin or end in Atlanta, so the 8am-9am arrival in Atlanta can not be messed with. However, that means the Crescent is scheduled to NOLA at ~7:30pm. If it continued on west, it would get to Houston at ~3:30am.

      If there was a spare sleeper, far better to attach a through passage sleeper to the NOLA/SanAntonio corridor train, let people connecting through via the Crescent have a dinner and catch some music in the Big Easy, then return to the train station to fall asleep in the sleeper and wake up the next day on their way to the connection at San Antonio.

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