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View Diary: Predatory Lending doesn't have to be Bankruptcy sequel (80 comments)

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    First this comment and States rights.  I personally believe that the States do retain a bit of sovereignty and should be able to pass laws exceeding the minimum protection the Federal Government requires.  This is the choice of the people of those states and their representatives.

    Poorly worded laws are part and parcel of every government body.  And while I agree just having one source of these poorly written laws would make things easier to sort out what is legal and what isn't in a country as large as ours, I don't like the idea of not allowing States to offer protections above and beyond what the Federal Government requires in general.  Standardization can be a good thing; but, it does limit creativity and the ability to adapt to different local environments.

    Now for the main thread; alot of people are going into discussions about credit cards.  I thought both of these bills only dealt with mortgages?  Can someone please clarify?

    "...and walked off to look for America"

    by gillmp on Sat May 07, 2005 at 07:25:57 AM PDT

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