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  •  While I think it's fair to say (1+ / 0-)
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    ek hornbeck

    that the Constitution was -- in all effects and purposes -- nearly a 4th rate Ship of the Line, the Constitution's class of ships were basically designed to beat British (and other) frigates of the time.

    So, while it wasn't necessarily a 'fair fight,' it wasn't just an accident of circumstance, either.

    Joshua Humphreys's design was genius, not only in putting out the specs of a great ship, but in being able to design a ship realizing exactly the needs of the fledgling Navy.

    He knew we couldn't have a Navy that could outclass the British (or the French, etc.), so he designed a ship that could beat their frigates and lesser class vessels -- which was the bulk of the ships the British Navy put out to sea at any given time -- in ship to ship fights.

    It was a great example of lateral thinking, making our Navy a much bigger pain in the neck than it should have been, in terms of just counting the number of ships.

    Would that we have an armed forces today that was designed to meet our actual needs as a country, instead of designed to police the world or defeat the Soviet Union...

      •  Dear god... (1+ / 0-)
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        ek hornbeck

        That smacks of someone losing in StarCraft, so he demands he's allowed to use the Fog of War and Invulnerability cheats...

        What a disaster.

        And I hope the top Navy Brass and presidential administrations paid attention to what 'red team' could do, when it wanted. People have been quick to order a strike against Iran, but put our ships in between Saudi Arabia and Iran -- then light a match -- and you're asking for a nightmare.

        Truly, in this century, power is going to be determined by the effectiveness of a country's diplomacy, the size of their economy -- and how well that economy works for everyone, not just those on the top.

        Militaries are becoming obsolete -- insofar as what it takes to bring those militaries down can be had for pennies on the dollars of what it costs to build and maintain them.

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