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View Diary: The "No True Scotsman"/"Not My Problem" Arguments: They're The Same (62 comments)

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    Are Kim Jung Un and I are part of the straight community together.  Am I supposed to be doing something about his human rights abuses, or do I just have to be willing to admit that some straight people do bad things in order to avoid the No True Scotsman fallacy?

    The latter two examples you use make sense because individuals in both of those groups choose to claim the name of the group just as the Scotsman in the original narrative claimed to be a Scotsman.  

    If I claimed to be a member of the Tea Party as my political affiliation, then I'm not committing the fallacy to say that Akin is not part of my group.  So, isn't the fact that Shirvell doesn't claim to be part of the gay "community" significant?

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