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View Diary: Newsweek Magazine Needs to Be Put out of Business Permanently (56 comments)

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  •  Dead on. My "Newsweek is no longer... (0+ / 0-)

    worthy of legitimate consideration was some time ago when they had in all bold across the front of the magazine, "LAWSUIT HELL!" and the corresponding picture included doctors, nurses, et al that ll looked like they had stepped out of central casting.  Every race, age and demographic was covered.  You couldn't help but think, "These poor people!"

    Well, when you read the article, it goes on about how all these doctors are afraid of being sued and how their insurance rates are onerous, but there is just one problem.  Not a single doctor in that story had ever been sued.  Not. freaking. one.  You would think that with the title "LAWSUIT HELL!" we'd be talking to doctors who lost everything unjustly due to lawsuits.  Nope, sure does make a handy title though.

    To further it, they talked to a pro-reform voice in the tort reform debate who just happened to be Newsweek's corporate counsel.  Why not just interview your dad for the love of Pete.  Any discussion about how with the advent of all this tort reform and specifically medical malpractice tort reform, why insurance companies were still charging such huge premiums?  Yes, a side window buried in the article mentions it by saying that California, which regulates these premiums, has the lowest premiums in the country and yet the insurance companies still manage a profit.

    This magazine is a disgrace, intellectually dishonest, and about 3 steps below the Enquirer.

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