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    This is somewhat tangential, but your comment makes me ponder: I don't understand why terrorists still target an aircraft in the sky, vs. other softer targets on the ground (including trains, stadiums, airport ticket/secty lines, malls, etc.). Wikipedia lists 30 inflight bombings and 40 hijackings since 1970, there are undoubtedly more.

    I'll admit I don't really understand terrorists' mindsets (and I guess this is a good thing!).

    I assume part of the answer is that it gets them more media attention. But it's not clear to me if that's really true, or why it is, if so. I'm no expert on bombs, but I'd think one could kill more people waiting in line at security (esp. on holidays), or in a stadium, or Grand Central, then one could aboard the flight -- a higher density of people/space. So maybe it isn't simply the # of deaths they look for, but some 'drama'? Does flying have more of that (adrenalin), then trains? Or is it lack of 'imagination'?

    There's a vulnerability on airplanes, that even if you damage them a little they're still likely to crash and kill everyone. But (alas) bomb 'technology' seems to have gotten 'better' over the decades, so I'd think there's a high probability of major deaths in any crowd.

    Again, this is not my field, so I'm just speculating.

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