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  •  Does not preclude does not mean it is (0+ / 0-)

    more likely.

    So, wearing a suit or having baggage does not at all preclude you from taking the train and riding a bike.
    Nope... but it sure as heck makes it less likely.

    Try putting a garment bag on the back of a bike and then biking in summer in a suit to a business meeting and coming in sweating like a pig.

    Not very workable.

    And if we assume a standard graph for the increase in price of gas then by 2026, when the full line between LA and SF is done, then we're looking at around, at the very least, $10 a gallon.
    You will have to point me to that standard graph.  Here's gasoline prices in constant dollars since 1918.  I'm not seeing the trend you seem to suggest.  What with shale oil and such I would be surprised if there is such a large increase.
    So, if you work somewhere in the Bay Area and you have to go down to LA sometimes then it makes sense that you should take the train and ride.
    Yes, because most people who travel from SF to LA on business are bike riders and don't mind getting their luggage to a hotel on a bike and then going from meeting to meeting on a bike lugging a laptop and maybe a briefcase on the back.

    Can we get real?

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