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    Akin holds the cards because all he has to do is wait it out and he remains on the ballot.  Within the social conservative movement, there has been growing frustration that the GOP is starting to de-emphasize their key issues: guns and gays in favor of the tea party agenda.

    I think abortion is one of those issues on which the religious right will never compromise because most abortion opponents know that abortion rights supporters respect their view on the subject even if they don't agree, whereas their views on gays, rapture and climate change are characterized as downright crazy.  The difference is key into how they feel about their standing in America.

    Akin's views are no different than those of Ryan's and every pro-life advocate knows it.  Akin did misspeak but what he said is the GOP's policy.  If Akin is forced off the ticket, then pro-life folks will believe that the GOP will dump them at a moment's notice when it is politically convenient and don't truly believe in the cause. After all, it was Akin's brand of crazy that won the primary.

    The GOP establishment has already taken steps to undermine Akin's chances of winning even if he stays in.  For him, it might not matter.  If he does drop out, I don't think it ends the controversy because we're already up with web, radio and later tv ads hitting Ryan and Romney on choice issues.  Ryan and Akin are wedded together on this issue so the better move might be to stick with your base.

    Though what the GOP could do is send Ryan out to mollify pro-life advocates and promise he will support them, but that would also reinforce our criticism of him as an ideologue.

    I'm more interested in the implications of the decision he makes rather than the decision itself.

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    by khyber900 on Mon Aug 20, 2012 at 12:53:22 PM PDT

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