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View Diary: Todd Akin clarifies he's on the same page as Paul Ryan on 'forcible rape' (122 comments)

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  •  Their belief seems to be that rape is an excuse (0+ / 0-)

    The meander-con belief appears to be that gazillions of women get pregnant, through lusty consensual sex, and then cry "Rape!" in a craven attempt to have the fetus aborted (perhaps for free?  those pikers!) by misrepresenting it as an assault, instead of an act of sexual promiscuity.

    This wild-eyed concept seems to be one of those deranged ideas that the brain-dead far right dreamed up some years back, as part of their campaign to ban abortion, again, so that Roe v. Wade could be overturned.  The basis for it appears to have been some truly creative pseudo-science that maintained that the female body had a (God Given) ability to protect a woman for forcible (i.e. an actual) rape by shutting off the openings in their body that would permit the semen to migrate to and fertilize an egg.  Ingenious of God to have built that into the human body.  Well, no, actually the ingenuity here were the anti-abortion activists who dreamed up this false description of human anatomy, and then found a way to publicize it in journals aimed at like-minded individuals.  

    Who apparently all failed their high-school biology courses.

    But what is stunning is that Akin, a wing-man for the wing-nuts, was able to get himself elected to Congress, and almost got himself into the Senate, where he might well have made a name for himself as the most extreme Senator.  Just one of the wonders of democracy, where sometimes you get the best, sometimes you get one of the least.

    And now Akin pledges to stay in the race, based on the strength of his misinformed beliefs and one flash poll?  Great.  Let's all have a long and informative discussion about the theories he believes in, and what he thinks women are "trying to get away with".  Let's shine some light on what this segment of our society, the equivalent of flat-earthers, holds as their core beliefs, or holds as the props for their beliefs.

    Oh, and by the way?  If crazy is fashionable, then Congressman Aiken is a Zoroastrian fanatic.  You heard it here first.

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