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View Diary: Romney Ryan Campaign Turns NH Voters Away While Busing In Others From Out Of State (61 comments)

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  •  That's their whole game (2+ / 0-)
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    They're betting that with essentially unlimited cash and a dysfunctional corporate media they can run a fact-free campaign.  They can't have people get through who are going to ask questions.  

    They are the super minority.  They want to end abortion and restrict birth control.  They want to dismantle, privatize and loot Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, programs for the poor and underemployed, public schools, and public lands.  They want to ramp up trickle down economics and shake the last few coins out from between the United States couch cushions.  They want to make Romney's tax shelters unnecessary by getting rid of his tax burden outright.   These are not majority opinions.  

    Mitt's history in business and politics is riddled with lies.  But they have propaganda networks both official (their campaign) and unofficial (Citizens United, Fox).  Stage managing is all they have.  Society of the Spectacle.

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