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View Diary: Stop with the "Rape or Incest" thing (33 comments)

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  •  Exactly, if abortion is murder, than they are (2+ / 0-)
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    phonegery, mslat27

    advocating that it's permissible to murder the offspring of a rapist.

    And they also allow that unused embryos can be destroyed, so they really believe is that people (who god intended to be childless), if they have sufficient means can create excess potential babies and kill the ones they don't want.

    •  And if they're banning all abortions, they are (1+ / 0-)
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      saying that the rapist may kill his victim, if she has medical issues. As he may destroy the life of a child below the age of consent.  Or any woman first assaulted by roofies or the like. As, if they eliminate incest, he may destroy his family. All without consequences, and with the possibility of the additur of substantial litigation if the famiy who also says their son didn't do it, goes to court to take the child. And at the same time they see but do not really fight against prostitution. It really won't matter where the man puts his business, and the recipient bears all the weight

      Except, as with Akin this morning, if the man has daughters,in which event they will be protected. Not because they are victims but because they are his.

      This position is like an endless avoidable military draft, one to which all women will be subject for all of their childbearing possible years. A lien on their own personhood, because childbearing is not a choice they may make, but a conditon to which at any point any other male person may subject them.

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