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  •  I wouldn't say that. I was in the military (5+ / 0-)

    back in the 90s. I am sure I am right up there with worse offenders, by virtue of the job alone.

    But I do my best. The hardest part is changing habits. It takes time. It took me about a year to start seriously recycling. It helps if you have a recycling station to go to, that way if you forget or are not ready for trash day-because our local waste disposal recycles plastics, and glass--then at least you can finish and unload at the other site.

    Climate Change Awareness and personal action cannot be like a crash diet, it has to be a slow steady lifestyle change. It takes a little time, and a bit of encouragement and advice will go a long way.

    Those were things I didn't get when I made the change. Advice and encouragement. It seems that the environmentalists I knew were frustrated, and burned out.

    So I try to offer something that I didn't receive. Hoping to get that whole pay it forward momentum going.

    Start small, start personal, move up to local, and if there are enough of you, before you know it, your actions will be regional, and national and then some day global.

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