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  •  If I had to guess, (1+ / 0-)
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    Laura Wnderer

    and I would be guessing, mind you, as I am not a Republican...

    It would be that the vehement support of Israel is the thing that matters, not their motives behind it. I mean, we Jews obviously don't believe that there will be a second coming, so there's nothing to really worry about there. All that matters is the fact that Israel gets that support, and for right wingers, that it gets the support over the Palestinians.

    And in other terms, for the wealthy Jews that I know, it has been purely economic: who will keep my taxes the lowest. Just like it is for most rich people-they usually prioritize their wallets, even if they have a libertarian bent towards social policy. They KNOW that the right is anti-choice, for example, and they disagree, but it's just not enough to change their votes. Plus if they are men (and have privilege in other ways too) they simply don't believe that these other things will affect them personally. They rationalize these other things that they don't agree with R's on so that they can keep voting in what they perceive as their economic self-interest.

    If you really want to change minds (though I'm not sure how many Jewish RWingers read this blog) I don't think you will be very successful in pointing out how Jewish values don't line up with the right, at least not from a logical angle. Still, you make good points here.

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