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View Diary: Climate Change SOS Blogathon: Breaking Romney's eerie silence on climate change (67 comments)

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  •  Thanks, Bill. silence is frigging deafening (7+ / 0-)

    just as is the silence on gun control.

    Shock and awe from nature in all its astounding displays this summer has not garnered the headlines  the displays of violence here in the USofA have, and I guess that's just because we don't have enough high voltage images of catastrophic personal stories ... even though there are so many to be sure. It's just not sensational enough yet to grab the headlines ...

    Hoping your campaign succeeds in at least finding one reporter with the access and the nerve to ask Mr. Romney these two questions.

    Ah, but the answers are just such BS anyway.

    Thanks again. For being you. For always being there. For inspiring a whole generation to ACT.

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