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  •  Obama, SEAL Team Six like two sides of a coin (18+ / 0-)

    Never in history has there been a particular unit of the United States military so closely intertwined with a Commander-in-Chief. The only parallel I could really think of would be Margaret Thatcher and the Special Air Service.

    Time and again he has called upon them to undertake missions critical to our security and the safety of Americans.  

    April 2009 - The Rescue of Captain Richard Phillips.  

    September 2009 - Intercepting and killing Saleh Ali Nabhan, the top Al Qaeda operative in East Africa.

    May 2011 - The death of Osama Bin Laden

    January 2012 - The rescue of Jessica Buchanan and Poul Hagen Thisted from Somali bandits.

    President Obama has mourned with them in their losses.  A year ago personally going to Dover AFB, standing in salute as the Americans killed in the Chinook crash last year came home...including 15 members of SEAL Team Six.

    Fundamentally, I think President Obama understands why these elite units (SEALs, Rangers, Green Berets, Nightstalkers) exist.  Other Presidents have used them as shock troops or 'superhuman infantry'...blunt instruments in conventional wars.  Grenada, Panama, Iraq, the first 7+ years in Afghanistan...Spec Ops personnel bore heavy casualties being used in this fashion.

    But the real reason these units exist...why these operators volunteer, train, work and fight so hard, is to prevent such wider-scale conflict.  So we didn't have to occupy Abottobad with a tank division, or storm Marines into Somalia to smash pirate bases.  

    I think the President understands this, and that is why when he has had the opportunity to lay out the full terms for American intervention, from hostage rescues to OBL to the drone strikes to Libya, he has had unparalleled success.

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    by TarantinoDork on Wed Aug 22, 2012 at 09:29:04 AM PDT

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