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View Diary: Joint Chiefs chairman 'disappointed' by Swiftboating II (133 comments)

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  •  the military officer corps (16+ / 0-)

    is pretty conservative, I know this directly, but what I also know is that the military officer corps, at least my insight into it, values getting the job done above all things.

    It also values not being a jerk believe it or not. I know folks who are very conservative and very liberal and they all get along in the military because they are decent and respectful to one another.

    I imagine the top brass likes Obama because he's a decent dude, which sounds trivial, but in my experience, being a decent person, and being competent at your job, goes a long way in the military towards getting respect and having your back.

    •  Decent folks can argue about HOW best to do (0+ / 0-)

      what they agree must be done.  And that makes us better.

      We just have to keep this old boat upright and making way until the 'other side' comes back to reality.

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