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View Diary: The ugliness of racism against interracial couples, and why Paul Ryan's ex-girlfriend doesn't matter (124 comments)

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    If you're one color, and you're evincing policies that SPECIFICALLY hurt another. And then take a little piece of "sweet tater pie" every now and then, from the group that you're trying to oppress.

    Then I think that's saying something.

    Like being a die hard GOP anti-gay activist while simultaneously playing "glory hole Olympics" in bathroom stalls. It's not kosher.

    It definitely is more offensive and tell us a story a bit different than the scenario of just a White guy going out with an Asian girl. Or blue with green couple dating etc...

    Purple dating green? No story.

    Purple DOGGING OUT greens by day, and eating that M&M color by night is something different.

    And that's what we have here with our friend (and gift) Mr. Ryan.

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