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View Diary: The ugliness of racism against interracial couples, and why Paul Ryan's ex-girlfriend doesn't matter (124 comments)

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  •  My dear mally, I think your comment (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    political mutt

    is the best in the thread,
    and shows me,
    once again,
    that even though there are many of us white liberals
    who've been trying,
    for decades,
    to 'get it right,'
    to see the issue of race in America
    it seems we still,
    in situations like this,
    simply need to ask a black American.

    after you wrote that,

    well here's the thing. I cannot abide someone
    using their black gilfriend as some kind of rhetorical shield.  or "get out of racism free" card.

    seen it a million times, yes, EVEN ON DKOS.  

    after I read it,
    I felt,
    of course,
    that's exactly what's going on here,
    and I'm sad to hear
    that you've seen it here at the white dominated
    Daily Kos.

    I hope I'm not in that category,
    since my black wife,
    married me,
    with no way for me to say no;
    Tonia's very aggressive,
    and simply had her way with me,
    no negotiation.

    I'm not using some black girlfriend,
    with whom I dabbled in Black America,
    to brand myself as
    no way could I be racist.

    Tonia married me,
    and brought me into her world,
    and here I am.

    I wrote a diary here a while back,
    comparing the views of black and white Americans
    on the topic of personal health and safety,
    stating that Black Americans are more sensible on that topic,
    since white folks may feel confident,
    less fear,
    leading to overconfidence,
    and dangerous behavior.

    I suppose I mention that to say
    that I feel there is a noticeable difference
    between black and white Americans,
    and saying that sounds racist,
    as with comparing any two individual humans,
    one finds both strengths
    and less strong points
    to each party.

    Long way of saying,
    I'm not making some silly claim to be colorblind,
    but I am trying to keep my eyes open
    to reality,
    whatever paints any of us
    in favorable light,
    or not.

    To anyone with the patience to read this,
    thanks for reading.

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