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View Diary: Spanier breaks silence on Sandusky child abuse scandal (27 comments)

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  •  Not sure it "starts" with Penn St. More honestly (0+ / 0-)

    it ends with Penn St.

    It starts wth a pedophile being able to adopt and have foster children placed in his home for over 30 yrs by a state that failed in background checks, home visits, and exit interviews.  SIX ADOPTED CHILDREN and TWENTY + FOSTER CHILDREN AND NOT ONE NOTE OF ANY CONCERNS.  These workers are supposed to be the best trained in the state to protect children

    It continues with a pedophile being approved by a state to start a Childrens Foundation (2nd Mile), that he uses to for over 20 yrs to pick and groom suseptible, innocent children to feed his sexual desires. TWENTY YEARS OF GROOMING AND RAPING CHILDREN AND NOT ONE NOTE OF ANY CONCERN. These workers are supposed to be the best trained to spot abused children and signs that a person is a pedophile.

    It continues with an investigated report in 1998 by the police and childrens services.  With no influence from anyone at PSU, the investigation concludes and reports NO WRONG DOING.  These are trained professionals who should have stopped the man that day.

    It continues with McQueary's report in 2001.  Here a 28 yr old man left a child in the possession of Sandusky. Instead of reporting to police, he calls his Dad and tells him and a family Dr.  They tell him to call Paterno.  Paterno reports it to Shultz/Curley, who tell Spainer.  But we are now to believe 7 men all acted exactly the same, but knew a child was being raped.  And what was their motive--to protect the football program.  I'm not seeing it.  I would have to believe all 7 knew if they said nothing children would continue to be raped and they would risk jail and financial ruin if they were caught.  Again to protect football while boys continue to be raped.  Report it and have some bad publicity or risk everything. It just doesn't fit the evidence.  You have these guys acting rationally after deciding something to fit your narrative, but you don't have them acting rationally when it doesen't fit.

    I'm not saying the PSU group failed--they did.  But the state of PA. failed first, continued to fail throughout, and were suppossedly the best trained to spot this and best suited to stop it.  

    I have to question why so many want this to be all about PSU and not about the trained professionals.

    I'm not sure if you've noticed, but everyone seems to be moving on (just look at the number of responses to any other child abuse articles vs. one mentioning PSU/Paterno)  The only time anyone even pays attention to this is when a PSU name is mentioned.  Pa has not done one thing to fix how this man was allowed to thrive in the very comunity trained to stop him.  As long as society continues to look for more blood from PSU, the longer those truly responsible continue to put our children in danger.  

    The Paterno/PSU sole focus is giving cover for those that failed.  Paterno/PSU have deserved the attention/anger they have received.  But it has come at a huge price.

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