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View Diary: Holy F'ing Sh*t: GOP Sheriff candidate says he might shoot doctors to stop abortions. (214 comments)

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  •  Donate an organ? (0+ / 0-)

    I donate a kidney, I have one less kidney.

    I donate a second kidney, I'm dead.

    You have a baby.  Tell me what body part you are missing that you had before pregnancy?

    Tell me if a woman can have three, four, six, eight babies.

    Not. The. Same.

    Tell me, if I force you to give me your house, a year from now, do you have a house?

    Now tell me, if I force you to rent me your house for nine months, a year from now do you have a house?

    Not. The. Same.

    •  They are every bit the same, but for one thing: (0+ / 0-)

      You believe pregnancy is a valid rubric under which to allow one person to commandeer the body of another.

      I do not.

      You also believe a woman's body is sorta like a house, and a baby is sorta like a renter. Jesus H. Christ. You have not the slightest clue about the physiology, psychology, short- and long-term risks, and lasting effects of pregnancy and childbirth, nonetheless, you feel perfectly entitled to dictate how women should and should not use our bodies. Outgoddamnedrageous.

      •  Are you really this dim? (0+ / 0-)

        Do you not grasp how analogies work?  Do you think a woman's womb is the same as a man's kidney?  

        Of course you don't.  Someone drew an analogy.  I drew another one.  For the purposes of analogy, a baby is like a renter - there temporarily in the womb.

        If you would get past your poutrage, I am not saying I or anyone else is entitled to dictate to women how they should and should not use their bodies. You're just flat out lying.  I'm not and never have advocated banning all abortions, or any form of birth control.

        I am saying that some regulation of third-trimester abortions makes sense. Maybe you think that is outgoddamnedrageous, I don't know.

        But please don't lie and oversimplify, it makes it impossible to have an adult conversation.

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