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View Diary: UPDATE 3: New DNC web ad nails it: the "Romney-Ryan-Akin platform for women." (82 comments)

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  •  You know LBJ's Daisy Ad, the one that only aired (5+ / 0-)

    once, but that got tons of air play through other means, and the one that everybody, but EVERYBODY who lived through that time says they saw? The one ad that is credited with making a HUGE difference in how people viewed Goldwater?

    That ad would be on the web today. Seriously, it would be.

    The web today is where you fine tune your ads. Where you put up the most edgy stuff. Where you can be longer, make more points, and above all, test things to see if they go viral.

    And if they DO, you get on TV, you get millions to see your ad, and you get it FOR FREE.

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