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View Diary: GOP chairman admits the real reason Republicans want Todd Akin to quit: They don't think he can win (86 comments)

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  •  One quality of the GOP that I admire is their (15+ / 0-)


    Stubbornly refuse to release tax returns.

    Stubbornly adhere to anti-women policies.

    Stubbornly believe in "trickle-down economics.

    Stubbornly think that most people are conservative and anti-abortion.

    Stubbornly resist science and modernity.

    Go ahead.  Be stubborn.  

    •  Yes that may all be admirable.... (4+ / 0-)

      but face it.....these folks have been at this for some time now and they have gained themselves a tremendous amount of power, in no small measure because of their intransigence.

      Over and over the Democrats, including Obama, have given in in vain attempts to find some level of compromise, only to have their arms gnawed off.  Richard Mourdoch, the GOP Senate candidate in Indiana, epitomizes the right wing's view of compromise:

      Look at how far they have come in pushing the entire national debate to the right.  What is considered "centrist" today is far to the right of where it was a decade ago, and they have no intention of giving up in a battle which they are, by many measures, winning.  

      Look at Roe V. Wade.  Women have the right to choose, but today there is virtually nowhere they can go where they can actually make that choice.  And if they can win control this fall, they will clearly pack the Supreme Court to get rid of the law itself.

      Look at ALEC.

      Look at Voter ID

      Look at the nationwide success they have had in mandating supermajority votes on tax matters.

      Look at the long term success they have had in blocking judicial nominations, and pressuring for more conservative nominees when Dems have control and then packing the courts with doctrinaire conservatives when they have the levers

      Look at their success in the use of the filibuster to control the legislative process, despite their lack of majorities.

      And now they are trying to gut Medicare and Social Security.  They lost on SS privatization under Bush, but they have far from given up on it, and in fact, their current VP candidate is a strong proponent of the idea.  He isn't saying much about it, but you KNOW if the GOP wins Congress and the Presidency, we'll be fighting that battle all over again.

      Stubbornness may cost them some elections, but they keep coming back.....and they have tons of money and organization behind them to keep doing so and massive tools to help them.

      Free markets would be a great idea, if markets were actually free.

      by dweb8231 on Thu Aug 23, 2012 at 08:36:16 AM PDT

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