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  •  The truck gig works for Dems in Oregon, too (3+ / 0-)
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    My aunt, may she rest in peace, was a state representative and later state senator (D) for years in Oregon.  She campaigned wearing boots and jeans and plaid flannel in a 1950-something rustbucket pickup truck (logging country), and after the election, every single time she won, parked the truck in the barn until election season rolled around again.  The rest of the time she wore designer biz suits and heels, and drove a Porsche or RX-7 to Salem and back.  Heh, she also ate pork at campaign events (a must at electioneering BBQs), and ate kashrut the rest of the time.  

    Politics is politics, no matter which party you're talking about.  More than likely, if Brown or Romney or Obama thought wearing 10-gallon purple Stetsons would guarantee election, they'd wear the hats.  

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