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  •  But, there YOU go! (9+ / 0-)
    It was the result of choices—bad ones—made by specific human beings who benefitted from human-created policies at the expense of a majority of the population.
    This would make it appear that the banker/capital "management" crew just need to be re-educated a bit, and then we can trot back to our TV's knowing that the management of the world is in good hands. "Again?"

    Those weren't bad choices, for the people who made them - they saw a creaky, ailing economy, in which only the top 1/2 of 1% were getting anything at all - and they decided to strip it clean of as many assets as possible, all of it going to them. These were GREAT choices - for them! John Dillinger didn't make a "bad choice" when he robbed a bank, he was an ASSHOLE. You can never, ever, ever re-educate a billionaire - only frighten them.

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