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  •  There is something to be said for acting locally. (1+ / 0-)
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    For my part, berating those who intentionally and knowingly set out to deceive on climate change science and development of solutions aimed at reducing the large amounts of carbon dioxide liberated in our quest to generate energy in all its forms, is not a productive use of time.
    The Rupert Murdochs, Lord Moncktons, Andrew Bolts (I’m Australian), Alan Jones, and James Inhofe as well as the vast majority of right leaning political parties, are rewarded very well by vested fossil fuel interests to deceive and confuse as many people as possible that there is no problem with releasing millions of years of stored carbon.
    It is simply more lucrative for those without moral compasses to sacrifice long term climate health, for their own short term notoriety and gain.

    So I’ve spent the last two years as a project engineer (reviewing design, scope of works etc, tendering out for equipment, purchasing, managing vendors, documentation & deliveries & now commissioning and managing warranty claims) on a major project to learn the skills I’d need to manage a solar installation business.
    And you do need to have a fair grasp on many product offerings, as there are an extraordinary range of panels and manufacturers, different solar racking/mounting systems for different applications, and many inverter manufacturers, which is even before you get into the options available to monitor & control your system, let alone dealing with the local electricity retailer/local government.

    I had hoped to start off small and I’ve completed a number of installations whilst holding down the project engineers job, but have recently been asked to bid a fairly significant project (40kW) for a conservation park in the local area.
    I will finish the quote today, and if I win the tender, will then have to look to obtaining short term finance and consider leaving my other full time job.

    But it ticks all the boxes for me –
    •    using all the skills I’ve picked up over the years in dirty energy plants - Design, tendering, purchasing, installation, people management, commissioning, operation & client handover, whilst
    •    replacing the need to burn fossil fuels
    •    helping a terrific conservation cause save money
    •    playing a small part in the correcting the mistake we have made in choosing to meet the vast majority of our energy needs from a short term resource which has enormous side effects in the long run.

    It takes a long time, and a lot of howling at those who do know better, yet choose to mislead, before you understand what calmer rational voices, like your own Mr Gore, have been saying all along : that it will take prolonged action on an individual level, to turn things around.

    "You Still drilling for oil? Well good luck, I mean it. Idiot. Shine, Baby, Shine." JR Ewing

    by Unenergy on Fri Aug 24, 2012 at 03:25:38 PM PDT

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