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  •  Democrats in 1988 (1+ / 0-)
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    Meeting in Atlanta to nominate Michael Dukakis -- and see Jesse Jackson join him and Lloyd Bentsen on the podium, like the Pres, the VP, and the other VP (yes, I still cringe to recall the sight: how to lose Southern white votes and influence people) -- didn't gain us a thing in Georgia or its neighbors.

    Since then, the Democrats have stayed in safer states -- NY in '92, Chicago in '96, L.A. in 2000, and Boston in '04.

    Holding the Convention in Denver was an attempt to help tip Colorado to our side; Democrats carried the state, probably would have anyway, but it didn't hurt.

    (Back in 2004 with candidate John Kerry, Democratic strategists had already identified a "Southwestern strategy" to turn New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada into battleground states. Three out of four ain't bad, right?)

    Now holding the 2012 Convention in Charlotte is another attempt to help tip the state to our side, and worth a try, why not.

    Showing the flag in North Carolina also makes the statement that Democrats are not giving up on the Southern states, and will be contesting more of them in the future. (A "Southeastern strategy" to turn South Carolina, Georgia, and maybe Tennessee into battleground states next election?)

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