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    have gotten rid of the tax cuts for the rich? Gee I missed that. I thought they waited till the last minute and used the old hostage taking fake out wherein we gave up ending the Bush tax cuts cause of unemployment and procedural rules that stop any decent legislation from making it off the floor, od course as Nancy said on Rachael's show said in 2010 it wasn't done because of politics. No fighting for tax cuts might put a damper on the grand bargain and piss off the RW. Lordy how I love the Democrat's fighting spirit. Like Obama said the other day...

    I’m prepared to make a whole range of compromises, some of which I get criticized from the Democratic Party on, in order to make progress. But we’re going to need compromise on your side as well. And the days of viewing compromise as a dirty word need to be over because the American people are tired of it.
    Letting the tax cuts expire? I don't think so. We have to be pragmatic and compromise, sacrifice cause savvy businessmen will save us all. 'We do not disparage wealth in America'.    

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