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View Diary: House of LIGHTS: Hugs, Funnies, All Welcome (74 comments)

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  •  Black and white is always good, white top (5+ / 0-)

    With embroidery gives casual and the black slacks are good.  Going with the theme...I would do a 'spectator' flat in black and white. Pulls top to toe. Shoes, I go to TJ Maxx. Ellen Tracy for 40 instead of 80-100 at Macy's.

    Only thing is too much black and white becomes not memorable.  I would add an interesting necklace and handbag to match.  Something chunky in art deco silver color and silvery / gray handbag. Bling without bling....if that makes sense. I get some of my chunky jewelry at
    Target or Kohls. Best cool jewelry, hospice thrift shops.

    Nails...if doable, go with a straight manicure instead of nail tips. Short, polished manicure says you care without the cost of acrylics. A soft, muted pinkish tan...

    I'm a clothes and jewelry junkie on a budget!

    What part of NO don't people understand? Usually it's the "N" that confuses them. They expect "O" as in "O yes it will be my honor to serve your ridiculous whim." h/t Bubbanomics for the answer!

    by SallyCat on Thu Aug 23, 2012 at 07:00:50 PM PDT

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