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  •  What, You want LOGIC from Repugnants? (10+ / 0-)

    Fetus mania is all about the woman suffering the ill effects and punishment of pregnancy, and pain of childbirth/risk to life for actually having sex.

    Even a married woman, who had missionary-position sex with a white, republican evangelical man in the context of marriage must risk her life and possibly die from the pregnancy tht resulted, even if she did not enjoy the sex because sex is defilement for a woman (but of course not for a man, which is why the repugs are having their convention in the stripper/whorehouse capital of FL), and she must suffer even though she had to submit to her husband in said marriage.  Once the baby is out of the womb they don't give a damn.  Wven while the baby is in the womb, they don't care about it's potential as an actual human being, just as a badge of sex shame.

    These idiots have a deep seated hatred of women, they are jelous of women, scared of women (just like they are jelous/scared of black people, latinos, other religions, other sexual preferences, etc.).  They are scared that they have "feelings" for women (and/or others of the same sex), and it makes them feel powerless and out of control.

    Scientific research has shown that these people are scared, confused, illogical, cheap, and have no empathy.  It is a mental disease and brain malfunction.

    Unfortunately, we have to suffer with it.

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