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    Denise Oliver Velez

    The U.S. doesn't have "welfare". I keep hearing people talk and talk about it, but what we actually have are programs to help children victimized by poverty.

    One thing we all can do to help is to stop using the term "welfare" to talk about WIC and SNAP and TANF and programs like that. When you hear the term "welfare" used, please politely interrupt and say, "We don't have that. We try to keep children living in poverty from suffering its effects. But we don't have welfare."

    We did not "reform welfare". We didn't have welfare in the first place. What we had was aid for poverty-stricken families with dependent children. And what we did was we started forcing parents with very young children to try to find employment. Given that jobs aren't available even for people without young children, this is an insane policy.

    What we should be doing is helping people avoid pregnancy in situations where they can't afford it. That's why abortion on demand should be fully funded by Congress. It's good public policy for the government to pay for contraception and abortion in all situations where someone wants it. We should be avoiding putting children in harm's way. If we did that effectively, then we wouldn't be patching the problem over by giving a small percentage of the very poorest families "aid".

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