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View Diary: Staff struggles to prevent wind from blowing down prop as Romney unveils plan abandoning wind power (128 comments)

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    I really fail to see how millions are supposed to rally behind this man. I used to work at a restaurant where the people were all cool. Then this asswipe in a suit came around, with no restaurant knowledge whatsoever, and his mandate was to harrass long term employees into quitting, because the owner felt it would be too costly to fire them. Everything went to shit when the new guy was brought in, though at the time I blamed him, and not the owner, which was naive on my part. He was dumb as dirt but always wore a newly pressed suit, and his hair was immaculate.

    Voting for Romney would be like voting for one of those incompetent morons that everybody in the workplace hates. Unbelievable that this is the guy the party elevated.

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