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  •  Yes, no doubt (5+ / 0-)

    That is having and will have an important effect in the Basque Country.

    The Catalans now are very, very angry with the Spanish government because they pay the taxes to the Spanish government and the Spanish government return not the money to the government of Catalonia. That is leading to a situation where Catalans are paying the biggest level of taxes, and at same time, they are suffering the biggest level of spending and budget cuts. And to complete the abuse the Spanish government is focused in a centralist effort against the autonomy.

    In the Basque Country that happen not, and the issue is different.

    But all that leaves a strong conclussion and is that the Spanish political system failed big. And that conclussion affect big to the Basque Country. Maybe we see some aditional increase of the support to the Basque nationalism, but the polls still reflect not it.

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