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  •  Ah yes, I forget to comment about Eisenhower (1+ / 0-)
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    Surely as native Americans you know better than me the reasons that Eisenhower gave inside the United States for this support.

    I can tell that it was the environment of the Cold War, and surely he fear the Spanish left.

    Then, in the Basque Country, the Basque left was not as strong as now. Then the Basque right was a traditional Christian-Democratic right and lead clearly the Basque government. I think the political position of the Basque country would not be bad for Eisenhower, but surely he know not enough about it.

    Then the EAJ-PNV was looking to some external help from the Allies against the Francoism and they get very sad when the Francoism wins the support of Eisenhower.

    •  Probably the Cold War (3+ / 0-)
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      abgin, ybruti, MichaelNY

      Eisenhower's first priority in foreign policy, often to the exclusion of others, was to weaken the strategic position of the Soviet Union. He supported African independence, but that was mainly so that pliable governments could be put into place instead of Marxist resistance movements. He backed and even installed a number of downright fascist governments in Latin America (Somoza for example) that were cooperative with him.

      So maybe he was a bit scared of the Spanish left. Remember that he was somewhat conservative, and the American right had been pro-Franco all along- Texas Oil routed its tankers to Francoist ports (but not Republican ports) during the war. And during that era, people didn't have to be genuinely Marxist to be blacklisted as communists. The Spanish left would certainly have qualified.

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