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View Diary: This week in the War on Workers: Government regulations and government dollars, saving lives (20 comments)

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  •  And, yet, we don't talk about jobs/economy (0+ / 0-)

    We dems have become the party that is more about "equality" and the "war on women" and the "war on workers" and the "war on immigrants" and just so many wars.

    I'm all over that...don't get me wrong.  But, I'd be FAR more enthused if we had a "war on jobs" and a "war on the economy" so that those that are just so hurt by this devastating economy in America can get back on their feet without having to count on continuing government involvement in their lives.

    No, that's not "democratic" or "liberal" or "progressive" as a statement.  But, don't we ALL truly want that to be what we want for our so-called leaders to be working for?  Really?

    I doubt very seriously that democrats will win elections by just fighting for the equality in the tax system and equality for the various races in our country and for women's rights and for immigration reform.  When you come right down to it, people are going to vote their economic situation.  Now, I'm sure that there are many, many people that will vote democratic because they feel democrats will continue or even expand their entitlements.  In fact, I'm sure of that.  But, the majority of our citizens want to make their own way and work for their future, their family, their retirement.  So, although we see just so many great posts and so many super efforts on behalf of women and minorities and so forth, what's going to make the difference is what is taking place in jobs and the economy in America, IMO.  This is where people want to trust in government.  This is what our American citizens want for our government elected officials to make their first priority.  

    I love the Daily Kos diaries that show Romney and Ryan such scuzzbuckets.  They're cute and they tell all of us how horrible they really are.  But, that's not what mainstream voters are seeing IMO.  I think they want to see what's going to be done to get our country back on track economically...fiscally...and what's going to be done to help their plight and their familys' plight and their friends' plight in that respect.  We're hurting out here in Americaland, folks.  Hurting badly.  

    The truth is sometimes very inconvenient.

    by commonsensically on Sat Aug 25, 2012 at 12:03:22 PM PDT

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