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View Diary: Obama Campaign Rips Mitt A New One Over Birther Comment (227 comments)

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  •  Every time Mitt shows a little bit more of who (8+ / 0-)

    he really is he shows how pathetic a man he is.

    I suspect that like Duhbya he has been able to do and say pretty much whatever he wants to and not have to bear any negative consequences.

    He has a better IQ than Duhbya and hasn't fried his brain with drugs and liquor, but his accomplishments mostly are a direct result of being rich and having a rich powerful popular daddy, and belonging to a religious sect that believes the male head of the family is the decider in chief.

    So Mitt can refuse to answer questions about taxes and rape and expects that the press will drop those subjects because of his decision since that is what has happened in other situations all his adult life.  He probably doesn't quite get it when the press doesn't go along.

    Wifey poo believes the same thing thus her outrage that the tax issue didn't end when the man of the house said it should.

    For the grandson of a man who deserted his country, and the son of a man born in another country whose citizenship can be questioned, Mitt really shouldn't go the  birther route.

    Where is his father's birth certificate?

    Of course all it really takes is for Mitt's mother to have been a real citizen, just like Obama's mother, and Mitt could then be eligible to be POTUS.

    Mitt is not really very much smarter than Duhbya.

    •  Obama should reference Romney's polygamy problem (1+ / 0-)
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      Someone from the campaign should being it up... "a charge of being foreign, out of touch and unamerican is rich coming from a guy who's grandfather abandoned his country in the name of Polygamy.  Now like his grandfather, he too abandons his country. Instead though he has polygamous relationships with his foreign bank accounts instead of investing in America. I invest in America, I fight for America."

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