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View Diary: Obama Campaign Rips Mitt A New One Over Birther Comment (227 comments)

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  •  Angry Black Male (0+ / 0-)

    Romney is right on message!  Obama: alien, born where? angry, angry, angry, hate-driven, welfare-queen enabler, enemy of white Florida elderly, wants to take from the have littles to give to those unnamed "others" who don't like to work and won't be voting Romney.  And, oh yes, Mitt was proud that there was a black man elected to the presidency, but, unfortunately, due to a genetic defect the poor fellow has to be put down.  He was a nice guy, just in over his head — didn't even realize that Bibi Netanyahu should determine U.S. foreign policy.
    Romney has no other message.  He has offered no policy agenda, those details will have to wait till after he's recognized as king.  
    Mr. Romney's campaign has been, all the way through the primaries and up until now, about the big lie, degrading his opponents through paid advertising, and offering platitudes that no one but the determinedly critical might disagree with.  He wants blue skies, a booming economy, reasonable regulation, and all right with Heaven, the trees the right size and, you know, the air just the right temperature, the tax codes, the sandy beaches.  What ever happens, let's not discuss divisive subjects … other than that ANGRY man in the White House.  Did Mitt mention how proud he was that he was BLACK?  Have no fear, Romney will unveil his plan once people stop asking him questions about his life, beliefs, and activities over the past 63 years.  But first, let's make the White House white once again.

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