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View Diary: Mitt Romney says 'big business is doing fine' thanks to 'offshore tax havens' (52 comments)

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  •  He loves saying that he paid all the taxes he (7+ / 0-)

    owes and not one penny more! Does that sound like someone who loves America?

    But then I heard him answer a reporter's question about his taxes and he actually repeated that line and then added "and if I had I wouldn't be qualified to run for this office!" Wow.

    He actually equates presidential qualifications with screwing the government out of as much tax money as he can legally and questionably withhold. A couple of weeks ago, a Facebook "friend" posted the picture of candidate Obama with his hands by his side (Clinton and Richardson had hands over their hearts) and a photo of the Romneys with hands over hearts and a caption about how we needed to elect a true patriot. Aaauuugggghhhhhh! Seriously?!?! Romney is a f@$&ing patriot?!!!?!?!

    “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan” is an anagram for “My ultimate Ayn Rand Porn.”

    by theKgirls on Fri Aug 24, 2012 at 03:57:19 PM PDT

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