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    I certainly agree that she was still beautiful. I believe that is a pencil drawing, but I may be wrong. It was featured in a western magazine in the late 1800s.

    As for the cemetery, it is actually located in a very rural area of Oklahoma. It's located down a dirt road, and up until the 1940s, this cemetery was in my great-grandmother's possession, but during the Depression, she had to sell it. There's also a creek that runs through the cemetery, so I think run off could have caused some of the damage.

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      a good many illustrations in 19th century periodicals were drawings/etchings based on photos (at least until printing technology came along to allow photos to be reproduced on the the presses).

      The human toll of the Depression and dustbowl years on states like Oklahoma really lasted a long time. My g-grandfather had an older brother that moved his family from Wisconsin to Logan Co, Oklahoma in the late 1880s -- the brother died in about 1891, and I've traced his descendants to about 1920...but I really despair after that. The trail goes very cold in a hurry.

      I think it is wonderful you can find the land your family had ... there is something about being in the spot they stood in.

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