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    First, props to your son for trying to understand his heritage!

    Second, does your husband have your mother-in-law's birth certificate? If so, that will be a big help to your son. It is also helpful to know where she was born and grew up. That will help him narrow it down quite a bit.

    Once that is done, he can go to, and they have many good resources, but you have to pay a fee to view most of the information.

    I'm not an expert genealogist, but I hope this helps!

    •  I have to do some digging (0+ / 0-)

      I passed some things on to my husband's niece since her father was killed in Viet Nam a couple years after we were married, and we just heard from her a few years back.  I had been holding the newspaper articles and important information about her father.  I am not sure what I may still have.  But I will look and give our son the information about  We are not sure of the percentage, but he was hoping he could possibly qualify for some help for some college courses.  Plus him and his girlfriend (almost wife) are totally into this type of thing.  Thank you, and thank your for posting this diary.

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