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  •  Good luck.. but what do you think it will mean? (1+ / 0-)
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    Ethnicity.. who you 'really are' is difficult for a lot of non-mainstream types..  

    And, of course the Native community is of many minds about 'White folks claiming Indian ancestry' ... I mean to be fair, we hear it all the time, when people are asking us about our hair / if we're 'really Indian,' ... when strangers ask us 'what tribe are you?" when we stand in line at the grocery store.

    Many White Caucasian folks literally use 'their great - great Cherokee aunt' as an introduction to talking to us.. completely out of the blue, sometimes.

    I understand why this happens, now.  I feel a lot of sympathy ... I myself, feel it is a journey people go through.  BUT  .... It isn't the same thing as 'growing up in poverty on a reservation' ... or suffering the cognitive dissonance, outright prejudice, or the weight of history on one's shoulders... "Hey, so that t-shirt with Geronimo's picture on it is so cool, isn't it?"   Yes, it is...

    But the funny looks and pointed questions from other Natives, shouldn't stop you here.

      Think about it.....  Native history has been so very, very suppressed, for so very long... and it continues to be suppressed, and subjected to outrageous court decisions....  Who knows anymore WHO has 'identifiable Indian roots?"  

    All I can say is, get close to your tribal roots.  Then, get close as you can to your tribe, and help them out.   That's what matters, not what your 'blood quantum' or book-related genealogy says.. What matters is how you can be the best advocate for Indians and Indian rights as you can be.

    "If the Nuremberg laws were applied, every post WWII US President would have been hanged." =Chomsky

    by abenjaminc on Sat Aug 25, 2012 at 08:07:29 PM PDT

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